Bangalore Bengaluru International Airport (BLR)
Car Parking

(Bangalore, India)

Airport car parking is divided in two car parking facilities, one for private vehicles and the other for auto-rickshaws and taxis.

Parking spaces at Bangalore International Airport (BLR) are limited and are best pre-booked online prior to your arrival.


Auto-rickshaws and taxis can park and collect passengers for several minutes without any charge in the short-term parking facility. There is a separate parking area for taxis and auto-rickshaws requiring to park for longer periods.


Bangalore International Airport does not offer long-term airport car parking.
The best option would be to park your car at the car park of your hotel in Bangalore.
All reputable hotels provide sufficient car parking facilities.


Bangalore International Airport (BLR) has two car parks. One car park is for taxis and auto-rickshaws, while the other is for private vehicle parking. Parking spaces are limited. There are no special parking places for the disabled. You may ask for assistance from the KSTDC counter, which also provides tourist information. The counter is located in Terminal II and is open day and night.

Bangalore Airport BLR

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