Bangalore Bengaluru International Airport (BLR)
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(Bangalore, India)

At Bangalore HAL International Airport (BLR) you will find two private car hire companies, which are Varun Taxi and Sai Car Rental. Vehicles may be rented for half day or full day tours, or also for outstation journeys. There are fixed charges per kilometer of travel.

Driving yourself is not recommended, but for the greatest amount of freedom, you may hire a car with a driver. Please bear in mind that self-drive vehicle hire is rare in India.

Car Rental, Driving and Parking in Bangalore

Whether you are able to hire a self-drive car or rent a vehicle complete with local driver, you will find driving around Bangalore an extremely memorable experience. Road markings are often ignored and at times, treated as if they don't exist, with cars and motorbikes unexpectedly changing lanes without warning. The horn is a vital feature of the car in Bangalore and frequently used, and many motorcyclists still choose not to wear a helmet.

However, drivers are fully aware of the hazards around the city and many are also happy to double up as a guide, pointing out prominent landmarks along the way. Car parks around the city are few and far between, although several multi-level garages and covered parking areas do exist, close to shopping centres, business parks and top attractions.

Bangalore International Airport (BLR) Car Rental Companies

The following car rental operators are located within the HAL Airport complex:

  • Varun Taxi
  • Sai Car Rental

Bangalore International Airport (BLR) Car Rental

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